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You need real estate premises in Lithuania? And you are looking for help?


Very good. It means you came to the right place. We can help you to find commercial real estate in Lithuania for rent or acquisition according to your needs. We are professionals in commercial real estate segment in Lithuanian market.


Currently we specialize only in commercial real estate: retail, offices, storage and industrial segments – and most of all – our specialty is commercial premises rent and lease. So if you need to buy, sell, or rent some commercial premises please contact us and we will help you. If you need help in other real estate segments, of course you may contact us as well, although we can‘t promise help with it.


As well we have deep financial and industrial background and we may help you with business consultations in Lithuania.


Why to choose us:


  • We do specialize in this market and this why we are better than other agents.
  • We are not seniors yet, but we have multi-year experience in real estate markets.
  • We are not big brand, but we do not overcharge for it.
  • We are committed to the goal and professionalism. We work fast and confident.


Please contacts us:





e-mail: info@patalpunuoma.net



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